You don’t need to wander very far from the main house to become a farmer, pick your way around our “lawn,” munch like a goat for a bit, or get down and bring home dinner.

For the most part, we like to keep activities on the farm simple, tasteful, and slow going. Relaxing, slowing down to appreciate good food, participating in it’s creation, or just savoring its flavors and the healthful effects a gigantic pile of organic greens can have on your disposition, can take up a generous portion of your time. You will find the edible landscape encroaching ever more into the common areas about the main house, and this is done intentionally to make it easier for you to get involved with the fantastic flavors of nature. However, there are a few additional activities you can take part in, some of which are free, some of which do require additional costs.  To avoid confusion, we have placed a hopefully comprehensive list of these below:



Cost per person

Farm tour & Veggie pick

Included / Rp 50.000 if outside of normally scheduled times

Mixed Veggie Basket picked for you

Rp 100.000

Citaman Waterfall Tour

Included / Rp 50.000 if outside of normally scheduled times

Amateur glimpses / instruction of how we cook

0 (eventually we will have cooking classes, but we take education seriously)

Wandering, Reading, Picking@Imah Gede

0 (but don’t smash the seedlings, please)

Portibi Breadmaking Course

Rp 150.000 per breadmaking team / roti  (included for three day stays)

Tree planting / sponsorship

Rp 200.000, uncludes outlive you guarantee

Summit Overnight Adventure

By advance reservation, 2 night trip

Philosophy injected w/Quality Coffee/Tea

0 during breakfast and afternoon break, Rp. 50.000 otherwise

Coffee/Tea, if ordered while we’re busy cooking

Priceless: not available


Neighboring the farm is a chain of waterfalls, 8 in all, that run up the side of the Mount Salak.  The lowest of these, Citaman, is about an hour semi rigorous hike from the farm, and from there the possibilities increase in level of difficulty, up to the peak, a 4 to 6 hour blast up 1500 meters of vertical gain, for those who truly enjoy testing their mettle. Using local guides, we’re thinking of organizing it into an overnight hike, in order to get a bit more time (and sun) on the peak.  If you’re interested, let us know.

The reward for your hour of hiking up the mountain and through the forest (which is also quite enjoyable, on its own).

The Citaman waterfall is actually the first of a string of 8 winding up the side of Mount Salak, though its pool is one of the best natural swimming holes we’ve seen.

Abah and Ma, still at work for the long haul worldview.

We see ourselves, actually, as a bridge to a most magical living place, located just around the mountain, but best accessed through Pelabuhan Ratu. The kingdom / kesepuhan Cipta Gelar is a truly special place, a compilation of 55,000 souls who have lived largely autonomous for the past 650 years, protecting and living off of the forests of Mount Halimun. A fantastic matrix of accepting modernity, while staying true to the roots of their culture, their main house is an philosophical inspiration for ours, their craftsmen wove and installed most of our double thatch roofs, all members of the kesepuhan are required to cultivate rice-and take part in the numerous lovely mountain parties that accompany this process-but none are allowed to sell it. Everyone eats well on this mountain, and the forest regrows around them. Their king is at once a tech head and a master of ancient theology, if you enjoy your time on the farm, and would like to further your journeys into the mountains of West Java, there is no place we can recommend to you more.

There is also golf nearby, for those who are into that. A nice course, in fact, with fantastic weekday specials, though unfortunately, no edible fairways. Fore?