We are located 2-3 hours South of Jakarta by car, along the main Siliwangi North South artery towards Sukabumi.  Above Cimalati swimming hole, for those who know the area, about 7 km South of Lido lakes, our local address, and map are below:



UPDATE / STOP PRESS(as if that happens anymore):

Given general worsening chaos of streets, overpopulation of West Java, reluctance of Aqua to put their water trucks on the train, and a seemingly neverending love of angkot and other automobiles by our compatriots,   THIS IS NOW THE recommended scenic/less sand/AQUA truck traffic route via Bogor. 

Our average travel time from Bogor to the farm using this route is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes, though we long ago gave up trying to predict arrival times in the morass of Indonesian roads.  Searching for Jalan Ekologika at any time in your journey should also be useful for getting you back on track.

If your gps tracking gets not smart enough/you get lost in our general area(within 2 km or so from the farm, sometimes farther), the keywords to ask helpful locals are:  “kebun bule dimana? (where is the white guy’s farm?).

If you enjoy the scenery of an overcrowded, unplanned, poorly built country road that has become the main N/S artery in the most populous province in Indonesia, please follow the route below:

We hope the trains get fixed soon.


Jalan Ekologika No. 7 (masuk dari Jalan Alas Wangi) Cibuntu RT03, Pesawahan, Cicurug, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

Download a PDF version of the same map, or view the map on OpenStreetMap.org.


If lost, call 0812.8211.8850, 0819.11.707.365, or 0812.1995.1942.


Lodges Ekologika on Portibi Farms

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Lodges Ekologika on Portibi Farms -6.750767, 106.766102 Lodges Ekologika on Portibi Farms Download a PDF version of the map for printing.