We have a variety of accommodations available for you to choose from, ranging from cuek luxury* teak bungalows, to rice barns with bunk beds that sleep up to four, to traditional campsites, for those who love tents.

We want everyone to get out in nature, and as a result, have spread out most of our housing out from the main house complex, in order to give you privacy, and the feeling of having your own teak farmhouse, for the week/weekend on the farm.  Our rooms are thus a bit farther away than a “normal hotel” would place them, and you will need to walk through managed tropical forest conditions to get there.

So, please see the map for the layout of the farm & room locations first, then look at the options to see which suits you best.

Imah Guru           Limas Gede           Library         Limas Atas

The Leuit Campground


Additionally, please note that the Library is the only bungalow room with standard AC power(ie. those that will charge your phone/gadgets), all others are solar powered, a green touch we’re happy to teach you about, when you’re here.

*cuek luxury means quality where it counts, but simplicity, otherwise.  We have built the core of our farm well, old lawas teak beams, stained glass, a solid record collection-properly recommissioned materials, from a time when quality mattered more than speed. We augment our buildings with high quality bedding(down duvets & pillows, king koil mattresses, pure cotton sheets); stylish indoor/outdoor bathrooms philosophers will love, and delicious local & organic food-but otherwise, we like to keep things low key.  Sleeping, eating, moving health-true luxury comes from natural light, warmly fully bellies, and good friends to share them with-expect to relax, and recharge, start to realize how much nature gives you, when you give it a chance to get going again.