A Campground of Leuit

cropped-DJI_0011.jpgThe majority of our overnight capacity is found in the farm’s modified Sundanese rice barns, or leuit.  Crafted by hand in the kingdom of Ciptagelar, where they are used to store a family’s supply of rice, and thus their future*. On the farm, we added tempered glass, a couple meters of floor space, locally produced Sundaya modular solar lighting, and folding bunk beds to make it more comfortable housing.  We like the symbolism, kids like sleeping in a fort, and we hope that the experiences they gain while staying there will help secure the future of our local ecosystems.

For backpackers, college students, or those on a tighter budget, the leuit are ideal.

* rice must be farmed by all members of the kasepuhan, but it may not be sold, thus
the family’s store of rice in the leuit  functions as a most basic, and successful form of social security.  We put ourselves, or our kids there, as we still hope humans can be the key element to a successful future of life on our planet.
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