Imah Guru

portibi day 3 83The Imah Guru is a one bedroom residence, built approximately 60 years ago in Wonosari, Central Java.  It features a frame roofline that we complemented with large glass panels laid into the trusswork, in order to allow a maximum amount of natural light into the living area.

Situated along the ridge of a former farming plot, we did not disturb any of the original soil contour in re-siting this house, which affords you a fantastic view from inside the building, from its entrance porch, as well as from the washbasin and restroom in the rear. The king size bed is positioned to allow for a full morning viewing of Mount Gede & Panggerano, using just a turn of the head.

Approximately 40 square meters of natural light, well crafted front entrance door, teak & glass. One of our most romantic rooms.

Children, if applicable and independent enough, can be bunked up in an adjacent leuit.

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The king sized bed of the Imah Guru, crafted entirely from used ironwood railroad ties. Ekologikal, unbreakable, guaranteed comfortable.

lima atas2

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A seat with a view. The first guest restroom we made, design made easier by its placement on the edge of an old farming terrace. We don’t disturb the contour of the land unless absolutely necessary, in this case it helps you see while you do.