Librarian’s Teak Temple

The bed in our little teak second story temple. This room shall eventually be our library, filled with ecological and more leisurely readings, but for now it is a second story apartment above our bar, The Pacifist Cannibals Lounge. For those who want to be at the center of it all, you shall sleep soundly here.






The room located above the Pacifist Cannibal Lounge features a 40+ square meters of indoor living space, with another 50 square meters of surrounding decks. A special single room with South facing windows that open up to a broad view on the Java sky, this room is ideal for single travelers and couples. Bathroom facilities are available just a slight step away from the room, as are all of the facilities of our community center, main house, and kitchen. For those who enjoy being at the heart of the matter, the Librarian’s Lair is the place to be.




Your view back over the rooflines of our main house complex, and up to the more vertical peak of our home, Mount Salak.


With 42 meters of indoor space, and plenty of porch wrapped around, there is plenty of room to roam in the library, whilst it is set up for lodging.