Limas Gede

lime gede 7The Limas Gede, our largest residence,  is designed for a family, or people who would like to have some room to spread out while on the farm.  It features a front reading / domino parlour, king sized master bed, adjoining an outdoor bath featuring diamond patterns and diagonal lines, and a teak washstand that pleased us much in its creation.

For those who would like to entertain while on the farm, this could be an ideal location, for its layout is designed to unfold into dining, lounging, and stargazing lawn areas. Conversely, it is also ideal for families, as the domino lesehan is equipped with a cozy futon, and your children can rest within earshot around an adjoining hallway.  Bathe in fresh, gravity fed mountain spring water, and the morning sun- the perfect way to start your day.

lime gede 5

The first bedroom of the residence…

portibi day 3 25

The second bedroom, or living area of our largest restored Javanese residence, the Limas Gede. The mattress here can be tucked away and you will have a “lesehan” raised platform for cards, dominoes or a lazy afternoon tea.

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