List of Notes and Prep List

Nature surrounds us, the forest was there before us, and we are bringing it back. Within this forest live spiders, bugs, snakes, rodents, musang, and even a wildcat or two.  We do our best through design and proper maintenance to keep these characters out of your personal areas, but they are clever (or many), and sometimes they get in.  It is one of the perils of open, traditional architecture, and reforesting your land, & it may be a bit scary for you, but the benefits and the beauty of nature do outweigh the things that make you go “eek,” you will find, when you live on the farm.  Our staff is on call, 24 hours a day, to help if there are concerns for your safety, or you are welcome to “go MacGyver” on the spiders, if so inspired (just please don’t punch a hole in our roof 🙂 ).

More seriously, a list of practically useful gadgets you will find useful to have in your bag, depending on weather conditions, are:

  • reusable or reused water bottle

  • rain coat / umbrella / poncho

  • sturdy walking / hiking shoes with mud gapped soles

  • flashlight / headlamp

  • sweaters & warm socks for the nighttime

  • pruning shears / buckknife / corkscrew / golok etc.

  • books, sketchpads, good pencils & pens, for the ideas that may arise

  • a flask (optional)

  • a real book

Additionally, please note that the bungalow rooms (except for the Library) don’t have electricity but solar-powered lamps.

Leaving your “smartphone” charger in Jakarta may leave you confused/itchy thumbed for a while,  but has shown to be most beneficial for the health of relationships, and the remembering of actual conversation skills.